Documentary Family Photography is a new and unfamiliar genre. According to google trends, Australians do not search for documentary family photography option. Many people confuse this new genre with lifestyle family photography. This is how photographers around the world explain the difference between the two.
As a documentary Family Photographer, I am guided by rules of photojournalism. And I think it’s important to introduce some of them to you, so you know what to expect from our photography session.


1. I do not give directions

I do not pause your life even for a moment to frame a shot. Things in real life happen we can never predict or plan. This is the magic I try to catch.

Girl throwing water into her sister's face at documentary family photography session


2. I am not changing anything in your environment

There is no turning on lights, no moving objects out of my way, no moving you to get a better angle. I will be moving around, looking for a light, composition and a moment.

Dad and son playing at documentary family photography session


3. I will be close to you and your loved ones

I have to be close enough with my camera, so you can feel the emotion every time you look at your photos.

Little girl missing tooth at documentary family photography session


4. I do not interfere or intrude

when there is a conflict, discipline or distress. I am documenting a scene by “reading the room.”

Siblings fight at documentary family photography session


5. I do not add or delete anything in post-production

When I’ll be editing your collection of images, I will take the utmost care to present a truthful story of your day. This will be the story “The way we were”, not the way we used to look.

Kids chasing green balloon in the house


6. The more time we spend together

the more everyone forgets the camera is there. We will capture your family’s complete story from start to finish.

Parents playing with little boy on the bed at documentary family photography session


7. I care about your comfort the most

You should wear what you prefer, no colour coordination, please. You should do what you usually do and most importantly relax and enjoy your family.

Little girl talking to mom on the couch at documentary family photography session


8. Your partner will be genuinely surprised, I promise

There are no instructions to smile or to wear your Sunday best.

Farther and son cutting the fire wood at documentary family photography session


9. Every photo session is unique

Because real life is unpredictable.

Little girl on the swings


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