Don’t know what day to pick for a session? Any day works.

You decide it’s your memories! Whether it’s weekday routine or Sunday family gathering, whatever is on, I’ll join you!

Should we plan some activities for a session? It depends…

If you have toddlers or so, I believe, you already have your hands full. Besides, any extra activities would be probably overwhelming for kids. But if your house is quiet because your teenagers are on their devices, you will have to invoke your creativity and come up with some ideas for the whole family to interact with each other. (See the list/ request the brochure)
PS. I suggest, tell your little ones that I am simply a friend of yours, coming over for a day.

Does my home need to be spotless? God, no!

Your home should look as it would on any given Friday. Life happens regardless, so do real life photo sessions.

Family in the middle of the messy kitchen.

Should we wear matching outfits? No way!

I want you to be comfortable and wear, whatever you would normally wear every day. The real life session is exactly what it is, it’s not about how you looked on this day but how you were as a family. And if your little ones insist on being Spider-Man or Snow White for a day, that’s fine too!

Little girl posing in her “Frozen” costume.

The kids run amok sometimes, is that OK? That‘s fine by me!

Whether your darlings are angels or little monsters, or 50/50, you will be happy, you’ll have these memories. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: the dramas and tantrums are what creates photographic treasures! See what previous clients had to say

Little girl doing a cartwheel in front of her sister.

Can we get a posed family portrait during our session?

I know how important it is for every family to have a somewhat a formal portrait and we can make time for it but no longer than 20-30 min. Bear in mind that I will document everyone getting ready for the portrait as well.

Portrait of a girl in the see through sun hat.

We have a pet, can he/she get in the picture? Sure!

Pets are family, too! I love pets (maybe except for a python) and will be happy to include them in the frame.

Little boy playing with dog on the trampoline.

Does your partner hate being photographed? No worries!

I know, it’s probably the hardest part to convince your partner to let a photographer into your home and point a camera at them. But that’s the great thing about real life sessions, there is no need to pose or dress up. If they like to spend time with kids fixing a bike, that’s great! If they prefer to lie on the sofa and let your toddlers crawl all over, that too will be OK! See what previous clients had to say

Dad and daughter cleaning her bike.

Will my photographs be in colour or black and white? It really depends…

After our session, I will go through the images and, as an artist, decide what editing is more appropriate for every image. Black and white is best for emphasizing emotion, making an image feel timeless. But sometimes it is colour what makes the picture!

Girl eating a mini meat pie.

Can the grandparents join us for the session? Absolutely!

It’s so important for kids to have these memories with grandparents! Just make sure, everyone understands, what the documentary session is. You know…, no “say cheese” or “be a good boy/girl for a photographer” instructions, just go about your day as you normally would.

Grandma and granddaughter embracing each other.

Do you offer payment plans? Absolutely!

I believe investing in tangible photography products is very important for your family and every family should have it. My payment plans for each session varies, so if you prefer a payment plan, please let me know.

Little girl putting on lipstick with her finger.

For more information on what to expect and details on sessions, products and prices, please get in touch to request my complete Client Guide.

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