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Hi, I am Tanya Andersson, a family photographer in Brisbane

Not that kind, who asks you to sit still, look into the camera and smile, nope. I am a Documentary Family Photographer. What does that mean, you might ask? Well… I document families life. Life as it is, with laughter and drama, with tickles and tantrums, snotty noses and dirty fingers. A life that flies, kids that grow so fast.


Pictures on the beach

You know, those pictures on the beach, at sunset, they are just beautiful. Families, lined up, in matching outfits, kids washed and dressed up for the occasion. Mums with girls in flower crowns, …ah! Who does not like those? Though we have seen it so many times already!


Documentary family photography

As a documentary family photographer, I deliver images, you have never seen before. Photo of you kissing your kids, drying their tears, putting them to bed or reading a book. Have you ever seen yourself through the eyes of your children? Being a mother myself, I know that mums don’t have time to check how they look at those moments. You are busy looking after your family. 


Priceless legacy

So, let me show you how breathtakingly beautiful those moments are! I love documenting families and create authentic and unique family photos. Photographs printed and beautifully presented in a photo book will become a priceless legacy for your children to treasure for a very long time.

Don’t wait for things to become perfect. They never will…Time will pass regardless, and you’ll never get those moments back.

I know, it’s not easy to let a stranger into your home, so if you would like to learn more about me go here…

Portrait of Tanya Andersson Brisbane Family Photographer.

“…I love the honesty in your pictures, and I love the rawness… Every family should be so lucky to capture those everyday life moments of chaos and beauty to remember forever how special they are…”

“Seeing… in pics…our connection to each other…like it’s a tangible thing just fills me up with so much love that…my eyes start leaking!! My heart swells up… It’s so personal, so intimate but something I am proud to show everyone.”

“You really see…and embrace…and celebrate the beauty in everyday.
The imperfections are what you find most beautiful…”

Kirsten Lewis

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Phone Number:
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